Thursday 16 August 2018
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El Vuelo De Nacho – Short Film

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The story of a bright kid, bullied by his classmates, who seeks to approach the girl of his dreams.


El Vuelo De Nacho (Nacho’s Flight) began from the idea of narrating the problem of bullying in schools. The story, despite being a drama, is focused on the adventure that the main character lives. It demonstrates how intelligence can overcome the brutality and ignorance, leaving behind all fears.

Nacho, is a bright and shy boy who falls in love with a girl from his school. When he tries to approach her, school bullies make this impossible. Nacho does not give up and lets his imagination fly, riding the adventure of a lifetime.

Our Purpose

We want the film to become a campaign against bullying. After submission to all possible festivals, we will distribute our film to as many schools as we can around the world.

The film will be presented in the Live Action Short Film category of the Academy Awards for consideration as well at the Cannes Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival.

About Project Creator:


Fabricio Heider

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He is an Argentinian filmmaker and inventor. He is a specialist in 3D Stereoscopic technologies. He has directed “Soldaten” (14 official selections, Winner at Miami Independent film festival and Best director in Reflexionen Des Geistes, Germany), “Life’s Law” and “INSANE”.

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