Tuesday 17 July 2018
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The population wants to change to a sustainable lifestyle they just don’t know HOW to change.

In order for them, their children and grandchildren (Humanity) to survive the changing climate conditions they URGENTLY need to look at how they can adapt their living environments in line with climate change. Leigh Pillay explains that their existing houses are not thermally sound, therefore needing huge amounts of heating and cooling, it consumes huge amounts of resources (electricity and water) which as a result costs them huge amount of their precious earnings and natural resources while polluting the very environment in which they live. Here’s what Mr. Pillay had to say

The Ecoplex Project is an upmarket eco village resort styled concept, developed over 10 years (with much research) We are now ready to build sustaibable eco living environments that are powered and watered by the environment, built from thermally sound product so no heating and cooling will be needed, growing its own food using waste water and compost to grow the food. Each Chalet will be sold in an off the plan campaign to provide contributors a good rate of return on their investment. The idea is not just to build an eco complex but also to change the attitude to the way we live while  building a  sense of community with a common goals of safety, harmony and environmental awareness using the latest high technology to do so.

The ecoplex complex will consist of: 40 upmarket eco chalets, music cafe , mini supermarket, restuarant, coffee bar, wifi lounge, health, beauty and medical clinic, kids creche, function centre, recreation facilities: swimming pools, bar, club, kids jungle gym, shop. Conventional finance structures do not have the foresight to fund this project as they only believe in OLD STYLE building. We need YOU the public to fund this project in return for a share in ecoplex based upon your contribution.


INVEST IN Ecoplex ~  Australia’s first truly off grid upmarket eco village resort style complex which will be built from a thermally sound environmental waste product.  Each eco chalet is designed to generate all of its Electricity from solar, wind and thermal sources ,  all its Water from rain, recycling, desalination and ground sources, produces its Food from green walls, edible gardens, aquaponics and domestic animal husbandry.

The complex will have 8 commercially operating business to serve the needs of residents and visitors alike. The first ecoplex complex is to built on 10 acres already purchased (freehold) on the Hume Highway at iconic Gundagai in NSW. It is envisaged that once we have built the first complex, we can then dulpicate the ecoplex concept to include returement villages, schools, hospices the possibilities are endless. Once w ehave one up and running we can then leverage the success of the complex to build more eco complexi.

Complete executive summary, business plan, financial analysis , 5 year projections and 3 business models are available to contributors. Let us change the world because heavens knows the powers that be are not moving as quickly as is needed based upon the current change in climate conditions.

We are looking for 1500 people to each contribute $5000 to enable us to commence building the first ecoplex.

All funds will be kept in trust with monthly progress reporting and complete transparency.


Link to the Project:

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