Monday 13 August 2018
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Eco Thank You Re-imagining Reusable Shopping Bags

Eco-friendly shopping bags are a dime a dozen. But how many of these are of a good,sturdy quality which can be washed again and again, have the right handles and loadbearing capacity to fit the bagging station and the needs of the customer too? Solvingthis problem, one marvelous bag at a time, is AZ state University alumnus VirginiaBahs aka GingerB. The inspiration behind this bag was a sustainable studies courseVirginia pursued. She was intrigued by the idea of creating 100% organic cotton bags that offer the best quality and features that are exceptional. With Eco Thank You, thebest reusable quality cloth bag in the market today, she succeeded. Help GingerB onher mission to save the environment and your costs. These reusable bags can be used nnumber of times, cutting down on the necessity of purchasing a carry bag. Shopping tosave the planet? Virginia’s got it in the bag!
If you want to support this project, Check out the below link:

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