Sunday 24 June 2018
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Dreams Come True – An adventuorus motivational book and film

Dreams Come True is not merely a logbook and a movie, it is an inspiring tale of a journey to those who want to live their own desires.

One day Norbert Ádám Szabó wakes to realize: the life he lives is not truly his destiny. He feels that beyond the working desk and the daily grind there is another life, one that he can truly live as his own. Somewhere out there on the open ocean.

One day sailing on Lake Balaton he and his friend, Levente, invent the crazy idea of crossing the Atlantic in a tiny dual kayak, but all that is merely a game of fantasy for them, yet. Still, the two daring mates exactly know that they are going to make this a reality come hell or high water.

More than sixty days they spend amid the endless roar, subject to the changing weather, fighting the elements and their own uncertainties day by day. The diary logs of Norbert Ádám Szabó tell us about making drinking water from sea water, how it feels to hit a speedy flying fish and what to do if the waves kiss over us. Dreams Come True is not merely a logbook, it is an inspiring tale of a spiritual journey to those who want to get rid of clichés in their lives and want to live their own desires.

“The captain turns the spotlight to cast the harsh, blinding light on us and they just keep staring at the site. They now experience probably the most baffling moment of their lives. There are these two guys who have just crossed the Atlantic, within arm’s length from the coast, and they just sit in their tiny boat with their paddles in their lap and eat a chocolate bar.

When they reach us we just stare back at them blinking, holding the chocolate.

They ask us anxiously if everything is OK.

Of course it’s all OK, we’re just a little hungry, that’s all. Coming from a ‘landlubber’ this is easy to understand, most would think that after 63 days one would commit anything to feel stable ground under his feet, but from our perspective there is a totally different point of view. There is always time for a nice bar of chocolate.”

ÁDÁM NORBERT SZABÓ was born in 1987 in Budapest. He graduated as an economist from the Budapest Business School, then spent a year working for a multinational company before he realized life has a rather different story for him in store.
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