Tuesday 14 August 2018
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DomiLamp – Destined to Be Extraordinary

Meet DomiLamp, the wooden smart lamp designed to be extraordinary. DomiLamp offers an exceptional design that combines smart technology with complex innovation made simple to provide elegant lighting solutions. Domi is derived from the dominoes game and the lamp in question is named so for its unique ability to communicate across 13 feet or 4 meters for an amazing experience.

The DomiLamp is an exceptional value for money purchase. Made with a natural finish of solid wood, this lamp offers rotary dimmers for a unique lighting experience. From illuminating a romantic table for two to creating the perfect style and design for a lighting solution that is compact and innovative, DomiLamp is the perfect purchase for those who want only the best.

Technology used in this lamp is distinctive and progressive, adding value in more ways than one. This lamp offers the convenience of rotating it whenever required. So, you have a lamp that serves as a handy illumination device, with stunning virtues that add value. Help this lamp’s innovators meet their production targets by supporting its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.
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