Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Dogwood Blossom Photobook (2nd Edition)

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The “Dogwood Blossom” photobook traces the lives of stray dogs in parts of Asia.

The “Dogwood Blossom” photobook represents an individual’s effort to document the lives of stray dogs in parts of Asia. It started with photographing a shelter but then the story unfolded and it lead to experiences such as assimilating with packs of stray dogs, working with dog rescuers and gaining access to slaughter houses. The journey was filled with sadness, regret but yet it brought about hope and inspired determination.

The book consists of 4 main chapters:

a) The Shelter
b) The Streets
c) The Struggles
d) Final

The purpose of the book is to educate the public about the challenges and difficulties faced by stray dogs and with a simple wish that this would bring about increased understanding and compassion to “men’s best friend”.

A portion of the sales proceeds would be donated to shelters or animal activist groups who goals are aligned with our beliefs.
About Project Creator:


Ronald L. Low

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Ronald L. Low is an ordinary Singaporean image maker who is focused on taking photographs that critically look at various aspects of life.

Low was also the Advisor for the SUTD Photographic Circle (2012-2015) and he is passionate about volunteering his time to work with various self- help groups such as those that works with psychosis patients, clients suffering from physical disabilities.

He shoots primarily in black-and-white and hopes that his future works would be a voice for the subjects that he is capturing on print.

Beyond Dhyani Bakulla that was produced whilst he was part of the KIO programme, Low also produced a short story highlighting the faith of a young Tamil gentleman titled “Sacred Vow”.
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