Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Dock’N Play for car !

The easiest way to connect your smartphone or your tablet to your car speakers. Just dock it and play lossless music!

DOCK’N PLAY for car

At KarmaDesign we believe that the best tool to play your music, use GPS navigation or make phone calls is your smartphone or your tablet.

“If you are fed up with your old car radio why don’t you use your smartphone or your tablet instead!”

Nowadays, car radio are really unfriendly and often play poor sound quality in bluetooth. At the same time it is really difficult to have a good user experience with your smartphone in a car because all docks are unstable and you can’t control your favorite apps when you drive. You are tired of car radios not offering modern functions like your smartphone. So, why don’t you replace your car radio with your smartphone or tablet?

So we created a simple product with 4 main key features :

  • A lossless sound quality with bluetooth 4.0 with your installed car speakers
  • A strong clamp and stable holder for any smartphones or tablets that really slot your device into your dashboard
  • The easiest way to control all your favorite apps, make calls and charge your device
  • Works with any device (iOS, Android, WindowsPhone and other smartphone and tablet since 2012) 

Link to the Project:

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