Sunday 24 June 2018
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Disease Tracker: MDs world-maptrack medical threats AT ONCE!

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Health officials track diseases for outbreaks. This takes time. The tool would let MD’s and the public map-track these with one touch.


The idea of Disease Tracker was born with the realization that this process could easily be stream-lined to the advantage of physicians, Public Health officials as well as the general public.

In today’s world, with almost all physicians using smartphones and multiple medical apps to increase efficiency and productivity, a Disease Tracker app could be created that would immediately place a flag on a map according to the specific disease being tracked. The Public health lists are core. However, outbreaks of less grave but still pertinent conditions such as gastroenteritis, the flu, head lice and others could also be tracked so that parents could be advised and take action quickly in order to protect their children and thus the community.

Such map-track software exists and has been offered to us free-of-charge by! Physicians have been informally polled and it is clear that for them to participate, they need the process to be ASAP – As Simple As Possible and to save them time right off the bat. One button map-tracking is required because they don’t have the time for more. Thus, the map-track software offered to us by must be tweaked to achieve this simplified interface.

Disease Tracker is aiming to be pertinent globally for public health. As such, the number of people positively affected by the prevention initiatives are potentially huge. Every dollar collected that accelerates the timeframe where Disease Tracker goes live can conceivably save a life or more!

A life for a dollar! No so it’s not a fancy watch or a battery-charging beach blanket; supporting Disease Tracker means making a huge difference to the world, YOUR WORLD.This is the most important Kickstarter yet – please help it become available faster than fast.


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