Thursday 16 August 2018
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Directing Major Music Video for Blaine Belladonna

Blaine Belladonna is a hip-hop musician with immeasurable talent. LA based music video director Montez Brown seeks to give her talent the showcase it deserves. The music video for Blaine’s new song is on the roll, but it needs your help to hit the music channels. For the production, special effects, lighting and more, Montez seeks US$10,000 on crowdfunding platform on Indiegogo. The necessities to shoot an awesome video would be funded by this.

Too many artists are unheard of because they lack the finances to be able to make a difference to the final outcome when it comes to presenting and marketing a slick video. Packaging matters when it comes to showcasing natural talent and this talented songstress needs your help. Extend your support in cash or kind for helping Blaine succeed in her musical sphere. Giving wings to her dreams, true music lovers can hope to give talented artists their due. Provide the support Blaine needs to reach out to you all.
Have a look at the Indiegogo link below:

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