Thursday 16 August 2018
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Despite leg prostheses Greenland ski Expedition March 2017

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Rey (Reto) Keller has new goals… As a first with a AK-leg prostheses Cross Country Ski Expedition in Greenland

30 years after the first Himalaya cross country ski expedition in 1987 he is ready to take the challenge on one leg now through the Schweizer Alps in Greenland.

In 2003 Rey (Reto) had to amputate his left leg but is back on the mountains again. After a successful summer with many trips in the mountains in the Alps he is ready for Greenland glaciers.

East Greenland encompasses one of the greatest artic wildernesses on earth: millions of square kilometers of glaciers, Ice Cap mountains and sea ice. On this expedition he will undertake a sledge-hauling expedition deep in to the mountains of the Schweizer Alps range focusing on a brilliant wilderness journey.

Travelling by ski each day and setting camp each evening he`ll cross the sea ice fjords before making a traverse of the Schweizer Alps, a huge range laying on the edge of the Ice Cap. Following the vast glaciers that run through the mountains, this route will provide rare access to areas extremely seldom visited. 200 km on skis hauling a sledge with all the gear and food need good preparation.

With his friend Kat Duciaovà and the Pirhuk Greenland expedition Team Rey will have a great support. Kat a very good mountaineer and a colleague, who has already accompanied Rey on tours with a prosthesis in Canada. Kat has experience with expeditions in South America. She works as a Wilderness therapist in Canada and Slovakia.

Rey Keller has started a crowdfunding campaign on wemakeit. In order to make the dream of Rey a reality, CHF 7,500 is needed.

In the creator’s own words: My example is intended to encourage other people with physical disabilities not to limit themselves. It is intended to invite oneself to use their dreams and to use physical challenges as an opportunity. It is to be an incentive and motivation for disabled and non-disabled people to look for the experience in nature, where one can say for himself: This is simply great!


As a mountain guide and coach with physical limitations, I offer other physically restricted people experiences in the mountains. I am doing summer and winter tours, coaching nature, sharing my experiences, and thus supporting the easier access to movement in the terrain.

  • Long-distance trips in unspoiled landscape (also low snow)
  • Gletschertrekkings
  • Motivational trekkings for everyone on the mountain that show you how to come to new visions with your own acceptance and mental support

So I accompany you wherever you want an experienced mountain guide and coach.

For this I need support

I can accomplish many things myself: the right attitude, the mental orientation, which weighs as much as traveling in the cold. Overcoming all technical and physical problems and the challenge to thank me with a smile for what is possible against all expectations. For the co-financing of my project and for material I am dependent on your support. I would like to thank you for giving me wings to my project!


Your name will be on the speeches and presentation he does after. For 50.00 you will get a handsigned poster of the expedition. For 100.00 you get an invitation to his first public presentation. For 250.00 you get 2 persons invitation to his first public presentation. For 500.00 Rey will take you on a hike through the “Swiss Grand Canyon” with a dinner on a open fire. For 750.00 you will get a guided glacier walk in the Engadin (travel expenses not included). For 1000.00 he will have a motivation speech for your company (travel expenses not included) and take you for a guided glacier walk in the Engadin.

Thank you so much for any help you’re able to give. And please forward this campaign to anyone you think may be interested and willing to help.

Any amount would count and it would be much appreciated if you are not able to give then to SHARE SHARE SHARE! Thank you all and much love!
Have a look at the wemakeit link for more information:

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