Wednesday 15 August 2018
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Cubibot: The new standard of modern consumer 3D printer

Cubibot is a dream come true for printing professionals and amateurs both. The 3D printer comes at a reasonable price tag and has a host of benefits such as a self leveling smart bed, cutting down on the need for manual leveling, Wi-Fi and USB connectivity and the capacity to print in PLA, nylon, polycarbonate among others. The 3D printer offers 24/7 smart notifications and has been selected as the leading top 50 startups of 6000 startups at Startup Grind SF. The company is the brainchild of father-son engineering duo Sina and Aria Noorazar apart from its co-founder Ben Zakarya. The development team comprises PhD and marketing experts and a core team of skilled videography and artist gurus.

This 3D printer company offers this 100% automated, made in USA product for the discerning tech user who wants top quality at budget prices. Its filtered ventilation ensures that your air remains pristine pure and this surely beats non filtered 3D printers when it comes to safety and security. Cloud printing capabilities, interchangeable side accent and vibrant colors for a modern design to match the needs of the next-generation user, this plug and print 3D printer is a real value for money gadget. Play a role in its development and production today by supporting this company’s innovative project at crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

Selected for its 3D printing capabilities for the UCSD hackathon and also demonstrated at the Northrop Grumman group’s engineering meet, this excellent 3D printer excites awe and admiration for its unbeatable price and exceptional quality.
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