Tuesday 19 June 2018
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Creating Change with Innovative Urban Agriculture 

As mankind has evolved, the quality of food has deteriorated. With processed foods teeming with chemicals and harmful additives, it’s no wonder that the question of safe food arises. Here to be the answer for those concerned about the quality of food we consume is 34 year old Travis Flatt and his team at Upward Harvest. Bent on creating a niche in the market for organic, affordable food, Travis and his group of experts have set out to make urban farming produce healthy and affordable.

His initiative of adding to an egg farm which raises fresh, healthy produce from over 2000 chickens (the initial count is 700) in Central Oklahoma needs US$250,000 and your support. From this farm to others in different communities of the world through partnership with entrepreneurs across the globe, Travis hopes to bring an organic revolution to the world of farming and food. Help him and change the way your food scores on important health parameters today.
If you want to support this project, check out below link:

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