Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Cookie Shotz – A second round!

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Forget the dunking, milk and cookies have officially come of age! Sip and snack in no time, with this specialty bakeware set.

Milk and cookies have been friends since the dawn of time. (Give or take a few years.) Now they’re closer than ever before! A crisp cookie sealed in chocolate is the perfect means to feed your nostalgia, without a soggy mess left in your glass. With this set you too can create delectable dessert shots from home!

Inspired by classic desserts, our shot recipes have a spirited kick to sweeten any occasion. But this is more than a cocktail guide, our set offers the tools for culinary fun at any age. So whether it’s your 12th or 21st birthday you can be part of the trend. Cookie Shotz for ALL!

So what makes this set unique?

Well unlike others, our Cookie Shotz are hollowed out with a tamper instead of a protrusion in the pan. This means there’s less resistance removing your warm creations and less chance of them crumbling apart. To top it off, our recipes have been tested to hold their shape through baking and snacking. We worked out the kinks, so you’re left with 3 easy steps!

  1. BAKE
  3. FILL

Why is it important that your campaign gets funded?

Reaching the goal is so important, because we view Cookie Shotz as the first of several fun consumer products in our line-up. With success from Kickstarter we will continue to develop more products, based on the community’s feedback and support.

What makes your project most unique?

What makes Cookie Shotz so unique is the blending of old and new. Milk and cookies are enjoyed by all ages. It’s something that brings back so many memories and nostalgia of childhood. Now with a spirited kick the memories can continue long into adulthood. This set allows everyone to be a creative baker. Re-creating the flavors they love and experimenting to find new combinations.
About Project Creator:


Ryan Frazier

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I am a 23 year old Industrial Design Manager, at a tween girl Toy and Activity company in Milwaukee, WI. In my free time I developed the Cookie Shotz Specialty Bakeware Set. My goal is to someday (maybe even soon) turn my hobby projects into my main career.
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