Monday 25 June 2018
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Chameleon Pens: One Pen Blends Multiple Color Tones

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Each Chameleon Pen produces multiple color tones. Stunning gradations, highlights, shading & seamless blends, all with one pen.

Chameleon Art Products is a privately owned and operated startup company. We lack the resources of the long-established, venture-backed and/or publicly traded pen manufacturers, but we believe we have some of the most innovative ideas since…well…since the invention of the marker pen!

We invested our own time and money to prototype, build initial molds and create the first production run of the 20 initial colors. Our customers tell us that the system is fantastic with just the first 20 colors, while the beauty of the Chameleon system is to do more with less, there are some color gaps. Our goal is to complete this 50-color system (we will never need to create 300-plus colors) so artists and creatives can utilize Chameleon Pens to full effect.

When you back us, not only do you help bring this vision to life, but you get the new palette first. These colors will not ship to market until later in 2016. Thank you for your support! We have done our best to offer our backers significant savings off the regular retail price.

Help us make it happen! Together, we can “Change Color”.


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