Wednesday 20 June 2018
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Chalk Visions:San Francisco

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My goal is to assemble a book documenting the years of chalk public art works while continuing to give the art to the community.

My goal is fairly simple:

to devote myself full time to being an artist, and making art for the community. Or for however long I can manage it. On the sidewalks of San Francisco, I draw chalk murals: sacred geometry, mystical figures, fantastic monsters. I have always seen it as a gift to the community, an affirmation of art found in the mundane, a place for the ‘sacred’ in our lives.

For 6 years I have been creating artworks and photographing them, as recorded on my blogspot: ( I wish to do this ‘full-time’, and assemble a high-quality book, with vector diagrams, of the geometric chalk mandalas.

San Francisco is experiencing some difficult changes; many say that the creative class is doomed and that the influx of technological wealth is to blame. I find it especially important, myself and my artist/poet/musician friends, to continue to represent. To keep the city alive with art.

The amount I’m hoping to raise would help me survive long enough to do the work of compiling the book and making a limited edition print run.


Link to the Project:

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