Friday 17 August 2018
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Capital for my unique production company & label

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Help me change the direction of popular culture!

Hello! My name is Ona Pirrone, and I am starting a record label called White Noise Records, and a production company called Dark Light Productions. What I aim to do with my companies are accentuate, and build off of what the artist has already created. Unlike many current record labels, I do not want to force my artist to change themselves to make them more “marketable.” As an artist I understand that everyone has a story and a sound that is just as unique as they are. There is no need to disregard that uniqueness, and make the artist identical to every other sound and look that we are already too familiar with. There are endless possibilities that music has to offer, and I can help find them with my companies.


About Project Creator:

Ona Pirrone, is a musician, writer, producer actor… (the list goes on).

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Having been around music her whole life her first concert was Neil Diamond and her first crush was Johnny Cash (so, even though she didn’t evolve with the times and fall for “the Biebs”) the arts have always been a centerpiece in her life. Ona has studied almost everything ranging from psychology and religion to music, film and theatre because why not know everything rite? This is seen in the inspiration for her music and films. She has always been known for her fun, loving, charming and easy going personality but as for her voice you’d have to see to believe, full of sensual, soul, rasp and rhythm but that’s not all, there’s not a lot of people who can go from Nirvana to Sinatra so easily but it’s true in this case! You almost never see her without a guitar pick in her mouth her hard to miss sea foam green Fender has become a focal point in her career, life and apartment! With the gracefulness of Norah Jones and the strong ability to move people with one note like Janis Joplin her originals incorporate Rock, Blues and Jazz and any other genera she can get her hands on. Her tunes are a can’t miss sound and her shows are a can’t miss experience!


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