Sunday 24 June 2018
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Caendica-Zero Carbs Sweets

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Tasty zero-carbs alternatives to everyday confectionery goods to promote healthy living.


Caendica was created as a necessity to everyone who wants to live a zero-carbs lifestyle, and every person who puts health as their priority. Strolling through any Supermarket it becomes evident that there is an attenuated lack of healthy, sugar-free, sugar-alcohol free, zero-gluten, low-carbs and sugar-alcohol free foods; it’s impossible to just get in, buy a healthy, tasty and affordable snack and then run out to continue their daily rush. It is currently very difficult to give yourself an alternative to confectionery foods that are loaded with sugars and carbohydrates; and dieting has become synonymous with suffering, with plastic containers filled with chicken breasts and broccoli and generally struggling for a nice piece of chocolate, craving form some spread and needing some gummy goods while watching your favorite show. All of this without compromising the diet, ketosis, or the diabetic regimen. At any time someone can dip their spoon into the chocolate spread knowing that their body lines won’t be affected.
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