Wednesday 25 April 2018
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Cadée Distillery Isle Of Whidbey

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Cadée (Gaelic for Pure) Distillery on the Isle Of Whidbey, needs your help to raise $30,000.

Our passion is crafting unique, delicious and affordable whiskey and other variations with a focus on food pairings and sipping enjoyment in mind.

Cadée Distillery was created by Colin Campbell, a Scotsman with a passion for the natural environment and resources that the Pacific Northwest provides.

Colin was enchanted by the alchemy of spirits at an nearly age with his first dram in the Laphroig Distillery in Scotland. In the 80’s Colin was distilling spirits in the Middle East, crafting delicious and unique flavors.

As an aerospace engineer and serial entrepreneur, he has learned the art of creating spirits across the world at the great distilleries, and has created a local distillery on Whidbey Island where he lives with his family. Whidbey Island offers miles of Salish Sea coastline with salty ocean breezes and a bounty of natural resources similar to Scotland.

Colin’s desire is to offer handcrafted spirits for all to enjoy, give back to the community, and measure his happiness and success within the day. He wants customers to know that a real person is making these spirits from the heart, handcrafted, and locally.

Cadée is dedicated to crafting only only the purest spirits, from the highest quality ingredients available. Cadée’scustomers continue to engage with the development of the brand as they share input and advice. The crafter of spirits, Colin Campbell, responds to each suggestion personally.

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