Thursday 16 August 2018
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BULLY World’s First Wetsuit Washer

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The New Eco Efficient Way to Wash Your Wetsuit With A Smart Internal & External Irrigation System

BULLY is running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to raise the money it needs to ramp up production. First, let me say that this is a very well-made product. BULLY is raising money on Indiegogo now and things are going quite well, it says that it reached its US$3,000 within the first 24 hours, BULLY is the first wetsuit washer with a smart internal and external irrigation system – providing an easy to use, durable and efficient way to wash your wetsuit.Any wetsuit user from across all water based activities will greatly benefit and enjoy using this product. BULLY gives a hygienic solution that saves time, saves water & is built to prolong the lifespan of your wetsuit!

The objective of this project is to raise the funds to manufacture a mold and proceed to a full production line.

Key Features of BULLY


Developed with particular attention to wetsuit shoulder widths and collar spans, the BULLY anthropometric form ensures the wetsuit hangs and dries swiftly without creases; thus preventing distortion, maintaining the shape and prolonging the lifespan of your wetsuit.


The BULLY wetsuit washer is the first to implement water jets that efficiently rinse the entire wetsuit simultaneously. A shower head element washes the outside of the wetsuit, while the inside is cleaned using a series of pipes that sit within the main hanger.


BULLY features a combination of aluminium and high quality plastic with high impact and UV resistant properties, providing exceptional performance and aesthetic appeal. The main shower head is manufactured from an aluminium plate, pierced prior to forming to ensure the water jets spray in all directions. The pipework contains custom forms and couplings to ensure correct water distribution.



BULLY features a universal water supply connection, allowing any hose to easily connect from any water source. BULLY can also be hanged from practically anywhere using a unique 90º rotation hook. It is straightforward and accessible for anyone to use.


Not only is BULLY built with non-toxic materials it also saves water! 1 minute of BULLY uses 14 liters of water and takes 25-60 seconds to thoroughly clean your wetsuit. While hand washing uses 30-40 liters of water and take three times longer! That makes a difference of at least 20 liters of water!

Why BULLY need your support

Until now the team have developed a number of fully operative prototypes.

The team have invested all of their time and energy to bring the dream this far! They now have the final prototype in hands.They have indeed checked and lined up some of the best factories and manufacturers. Now all they need is users – on board! BULLY now needs your support to produce the first batch.

How you can support

By supporting us by reward you help us to produce BULLY.

Additional ways to support and help BULLY succeed:

  • tell your friends and family about flying tent
  • invite your friends to our facebook page and to this campaign
  • share the links to this campaign
  • share the links to our facebook page
  • post about BULLY on facebook, twitter, instagram or any other social media channel

You can follow the progress of BULLY and get updates and information on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook using the below links,
Have a look at the Indiegogo video below for more information,

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