Sunday 22 July 2018
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Beneath our ordinary world lies a place of eternal eclipse, a place to which all evil creatures have been banished: This is Brimstone.



“The sun is muted in this world, an eternal eclipse, like a constant struggle between light and darkness. It’s beautiful and dangerous. I’ve never imagined such a place could exist. 
I fear the wicked creatures around me, but I wonder if they ought to fear me in return? When I look at my hands I feel the change in my skin, the energy pulsing beneath like a life of its own. If I embrace it, will I ever see blue skies again?”

Brimstone: The Demon Within is a contemporary coming-of-age tale set in a treacherous realm that exists beneath our world. It’s the story of a gifted girl thrust into a wilderness of wonder and terror, where she’s forced to face her deepest fears and grapple with the dangers that lurk within and around her. We’ve teamed up with Hollywood screenwriter Will Simmons to create an epic dark fantasy universe.


At MOOD we simply love entertainment: Movies, books, graphic novels, comics. 
Everyday we tell the cool stories of our clients, but we’ve also passionately dreamt about sharing our own.

As we made our first book, Fall of Gods, we found we were really on to something. A cool crossover between written novel and gorgeous concept art from movies. We got so excited about this, that we established MOOD Publishing to bring more Cinematic Novels to you.

We want to give you the feeling of a motion picture but in book form. When visualising our novels, we imagine being there, on set, like a cameraman.
 We want you to feel the characters and pull you into an extraordinary world and give you a unique cinematic experience.


Brimstone, The Demon Within, is the first of a planned trilogy following Mary and her journey through Brimstone. Each volume will have it’s own closed storyline.

The book will be 150 pages, with each spread containing a part of the story and full page colour illustration. We’ll make sure you get a high quality print to showcase all the cool artwork.

Your support is extremely valuable!

We’ve already completed all the creative work, your support will simply cover the necessary costs of printing.



Brimstone is a collaboration between established Hollywood screenwriter Will Simmons and MOOD. When Will approached us with a story about a young girl finding her way into a magical world, there was no question for us. We love our joint vision and we hope you will too!

Will has written for major movie studios: Warner Brothers and Universal, and his crime thriller script, Murder City featured on the 2012 edition of Hollywood’s Black List (an annual poll of Hollywoods most popular screenplays).

He’s extremely passionate about telling epic stories and creating unforgettable characters. And as we say in Scandinavia – he works like a horse!


MOOD is an entertainment Design Agency, located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Everyday at MOOD we design universes and help studios like Square Enix, LEGO, and Lionsgate evolve their brands. We are also passionate storytellers and we work hard to develop and share our original stories.
We have a great team and we’re all very excited about Brimstone. The artwork is completed by all of us, so this project is very much a team effort.

Fall of Gods was our first Cinematic Novel and we had such an awesome experience, doing it as at Kickstarter campaign with all of you. You made it happen! We fell so in love with the mix of cinematic visuals and story that we couldn’t wait to show you guys something new.
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