Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Brian Campbell

Brian Campbell is a devout believer in Christ and his strong convictions show up in his ethereal gospel music. Brian is an artist and performer who is a missionary at heart. He has released several EPs and productions that bring songwriting and music to the core of strong belief in God and faith in Him. An ardent worshiper of God, he believes in music as a tool for higher things, such as healing people in the darkest hours when they battle the crisis of faith. In these uncertain and dark times, seeing the light and finding your way to God can be hard for Christian communities all over the world.

Brian uses music to unite churchgoers and initiate a sense of unity and community in the wider global church movement. Focused on creating strong belief systems that can help believers to sing their way to faith and hope, Brian brings gospel music to life with his beautiful choruses and works such as the 2014 EP The One Worth It All. Now he seeks to bring a full fledged worship album to a wide audience and be the ray of light in the lives of those suffering from the misery and darkness of ignorance. Never giving up on instilling deep faith in people, Brian also has headed church workshops besides promoting songwriting as a means of uniting with God. Help his unique worship album reach communities worldwide by donating on Pledge Music, where Brian is holding a crowdfunding campaign currently.
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