Sunday 24 June 2018
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BOOMR DUO: New Generation DUAL Intelligent-Speaker

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Waterproof Active Lifestyle Smart-Speaker with Dual-Connect Intelligent Bluetooth Music Sync

Production Ready Today! New generation of Smart-Speakers designed with the latest tech in Intelligent-Bluetooth Interface allowing synchronized connection between 2 Waterproof Smart-Speakers from 1 phone, computer, or any device! The ultimate active Lifestyle Speaker with a complete balloon-seal waterproof design, Smart-Speaker functionality, and full accessory tool-kit for any adventure! The best perk upgrades of our other stock PowerTRIP items!

The PowerTRIP Boomr-Duo is designed with the latest tech in Intelligent-Bluetooth Interface allowing synchronized connection between 2 Boomr-Duos. So now you can play music on 2 Boomr-Duos simultaneously with 1 device at distances over 100 feet using any Bluetooth device.

With the on-board voice and button control interface, you have complete remote action with your phone or device for Siri commands, phone calls, music, channel/volume options, and so much more.

Now you can use the Boomr-Duos to fill the house with the sound of music or your favorite Netflix program. Or take them outside where they really shine and fill the pool or patio with music from multiple directions. Just connect with one Boomr with any phone or bluetooth device. The Boomr Duos will take it from there and automatically pair with each other.

We have molded the Boomr-Duo with heavy aluminum and hard rubber for the most extreme and tough environmental conditions such as full water submersion and drops on hard surfaces from over 30 feet high.

Float It | Dip It | Clip It | Stick It | Call It

  • Rated IP-X7 (Submersible in Water)
  • Casted with rubber and aluminum
  • Crisp sound and booming outdoor volume
  • Intelligent Bluetooth 4.0 phone integration
  • Built-in mic for speaker phone calls & voice commands
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth devices
  • Includes a heavy-duty lock-down suction cup for glass, mirror, tile, & more
  • Karabiner for hanging from backpacks, gear, river tubes, & more
  • Mini-raft for water floatation
  • 5 button operation controls, change songs, adjust volume, phonecalls, voice commands, & more
  • Integrated with Siri for voice commands
  • Works with all phones and Bluetooth devices (iPhone, Android, iPads, iPods, MP3, Tablets, Computers, & more)

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Zachary Martin

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PCG was founded and organized by Zachary Martin in 2010. It can be said Product Creations Group started much earlier as Zach began developing his first successful product long before PCG was founded.

Zach was born in Kansas with an entrepreneurial trail blazing spirit.

Zach learned early the key to his passion is connecting talented Inventors and Product Developers to collectively build innovations into real products available to the mass market.
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