Thursday 16 August 2018
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Bobblehead College Football

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Build your campus, recruit your team and destroy the competition in the free game: Bobblehead College Football for Facebook and iPad.

Bobblehead College Football is a new strategy football game coming  to Facebook and iPad that puts you in total control of a college football program.  Build your college the way you want; customize everything from your stadium and campus to your playbook and recruiting strategy, call your plays and lead your team to victory.  Do you have what it takes to build the next great college dynasty!

In Bobblehead College Football you use your thriving campus to attract top-shelf recruits and train them into world-class athletes. Challenge other players and their teams to head-to-head matches or play against other players teams’ AI coach in multiplayer mode. While the visual style is lighthearted and fun, underneath those bobbling heads is a complete football simulation which will test your play-calling mettle. At its core, Bobblehead College Football is all about strategy – call the right plays and use your powerups at just the right time to ensure you come out on top.

Winning gains you money and fans, which let you expand your campus and recruit new players. Just like in real college football, your athletes won’t be around forever, so you’ll need to focus on recruiting replacements and making sure that your team will be great season after season. Building your campus up will allow you to gain even more money and fans, attract more and better athletes, train them to ever-greater heights, and play more games.


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