Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Bitone means “talents”. We perform a variety of African folk songs, Original compositions and African cultural dances.


Bitone folks restores the hopes and enhance the quality of life of Ugandan children and youth who are traumatised by the death of their parents, loss of their homes through wars, diseases and economic hardships. A unique aspect of Bitone folks’ approach is its emphasis on teaching/training and developing talents through instructions and performances in traditional African performing arts; music, dance, playing instruments, making handcrafts, sharing folklore experiences, cultural exchanges and preservation.

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In 2016 Bitone folks – consisting of  about 12 performers from Uganda – will travel across Scandinavia and present their cultural dances and traditional music at festivals in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The group is led by Hassan Kayemba, who represents the group abroad from London, UK.

Some of our expenses such as VISA, travel and accomodation will already be covered by some organizers, but we seek support to enable us to expand the tour and shows.

Successfully funding our campaign will be helping to buy new equipment, costumes and musical instruments for our live performances. These costumes and instruments will be made of course by local craftsmen in Uganda. Hence your donation will be directly supporting the makers and their families.


About Project Creator:

Prince Kayemba

Prince Kayemba is a born talented and gifted dancer, musician, percussionist, composer and an actor from East Africa Uganda. Prince Kayemba grew up in a big extended musical family where all his grandparents and other elders on the village used to teach him a lot of folk music, dances, Folk tells informally through narration and expressions which inspired Prince Kayemba to go on developing his talents. He is the founder and Artistic Director of Bitone Folks Band that perfroms various African dances and folk music at different events. Bitone Folks Band is based in Kampala Uganda and London-UK.

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