Wednesday 15 August 2018
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BGNY – Between Gigs in New York Provides Actors Free Remote and Part-time Jobs Information

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BGNY is a web app to provide NYC actors access to remote and part-time jobs based on their top 5 transferable skills. Create your profile, add job listings to your bucket list, contact recruiters directly, and make money in-between gigs to supplement your income!

The Mission: Project Mission is to develop an awesome web application for New York City actors and performing artists to leverage their multi-faceted transferable skills providing access to remote and part-time employment opportunities, as well as, create a diverse talent pool for employers.

Steven Leon (project creator), former New York City actor and current techie. Steven says “I love the arts! Experiencing the magic of theater, the suspense of the film, and nail-biting storylines on television have always captivated my imagination. I truly believe that building a platform that embraces an actors’ unique skill set is the pathway to building sustainable income to those facing obstacles or a few career challenges.”

In the creator’s own words: Actors are the most marketable, employable, and personable people on the planet. Analyzing the data displays a different picture:

  • 85% of NYC actors are in-between gigs
  • 80% of NYC actors are seeking part-time or remote work

The truth is most actors and performing artists earn below a living wage. The national unemployment rate for actors currently hovers in the vicinity of 25% – yes that number is correct. The pursuit of a successful career is what every performer strives for and hearing things like, ‘What’s your plan B?’ is the equivalent to Shakespeare’s Othello stabbing himself in the heart. BGNY will be the go to platform for actors looking to pursue their career while earning supplemental income.

Steven has started a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising $10,000. The fund raised will be used for the following expenses:

  • Design and Develop
  • Testing and debugging
  • Beta Testing | User Testing
  • Debugging and resolving issues & concerns that arise from Beta Testers
  • Market BGNY
  • Launch BGNY Web App to the public
  • Upgrading & Supporting BGNY and its users

BGNY has the potential to dramatically increase the value perception of a diverse pool of transferable skill sets that performing artists possess allowing employers to place candidates at the top of the list. Your donation will set the foundation for leveling the playing field for actors by providing young hopefuls and industry veterans an opportunity to supplement their income while building a meaningful career. Let’s destroy the ‘starving artist’ stigma and pummel the national unemployment rate of 25% that actors face daily.

You’ve read this far. You’re ready to support. THANK YOU! But everyone loves perks. Take a look at what they’ve got to offer!


Pledge $1 – A sincere thank you from the team plus updates on their progress.

Pledge $5 – Earns you a FREE 1 month subscription once app launches and a sincere thank you from the team plus updates on their progress. (First 1000 receives this Perk)

Pledge $10 – Earns you a FREE 3 month subscription once app launches and a sincere thank you from the team plus updates on their progress. (First 500 receives this Perk)

Pledge $25 – Earns you a FREE 6 month subscription once app launches (First 300 receives this perk), plus you’ll have the option of being a Beta Tester and provide feedback directly (Number of Testers TBD by Beta Test needs). Also a sincere thank you and shoutout from them on their Facebook and or Twitter pages plus updates on their progress.

Pledge $50 – Earns you a FREE subscription for an entire 9 months plus a personal digital thank you card from the team to you and a shoutout from them on their Facebook and or Twitter pages. Plus more detailed PRIVATE updates on their progress. (First 150 receive the 9 month subscription and digital thank you card)

Pledge $150 – Earns you an entire 1 year subscription FREE of charge. A more personal shoutout from the team on their Facebook and or Twitter pages. Detailed PRIVATE updates on their progress and receive a custom sticker of their logo. (Logo Stickers & Free subscriptions go to 1st 100 contributors in this tier. Shipped only to those in the USA)

Pledge $300 – Earns you a LIFETIME subscription FREE of charge (To First 75). A more personal shoutout from the team on their Facebook and or Twitter pages. Detailed PRIVATE updates on their progress and receive 3 logo stickers.  Also have your name added to an honorary contributor section on their website for the life of the site. Lastly, express your ideas and concerns or just have a chat/lunch with the founder Steven Leon by receiving a personal phone call. (Ships only in the USA)

Your support can make a difference

Have a look at the Indiegogo link below for more information:

Also please take some time to share this campaign across your social networks and encourage your friends and family to support.

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