Wednesday 15 August 2018
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Ben needs funding for special care at Papillion Psychiatric Home

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Ben’s problem

My son Ben (21) has bipolar mood disorder with psychotic episodes. He is has spent the past two years in the UK, most of it on the streets, with intermittent treatment only when his condition became serious enough to require hospitalisation. He has not been on continuous medication, which is essential for managing his mental health. He is presently in a mental hospital in London, awaiting medical repatriation to South Africa, possibly in the next week (hence urgent).

State facilities here in South Africa do not provide long term psychiatric care. There are very few private facilities and I have found only one which provides the combination of security, 24-hour supervision, several types of psychiatric treatment, occupational therapy, and support for development of life skills: Papillion Psychiatric Treatment Centre in Johannesburg. However, the State subsidy for such institution is miniscule, so the fees are high, beyond my reach.

In the first three months, during initial sub-acute treatment, the cost is R25 000 per month (approx USD 1 900). Thereafter, the fee is R20 000 per month (approx USD 1 500) for assisted living for an indefinite time. The total cost for one year is the goal for this campaign, viz USD 25 000. I appeal for your help for my son. This is Ben’s last chance since his difficult behaviours (theft. lying, drinking and possibly drugs, destruction of property, running away), which are behaviours typical of his condition, mean that he cannot return to live at home.
Have a look at the Indiegogo link below for more information:

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