Sunday 24 June 2018
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Battery Plug. Plug in whatever, wherever!

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Battery Plug  is a portable electrical power supply with a rechargeable battery, that allows you to plug in whatever you want, wherever you want! For emergencies: power outages, your car dosent starts, for work: without light spot! and leisure: for enjoy the nature without missing the luxuries of our home and daily life!

Battery Plug is a good ally because it is very useful at a time of life when complications arise, such as during power outages can help for hours until the lights come back without changing our lifestyle, or we can start our car if you have discharged battery instead of waiting more than half an hour to come and pluck a crane car. So far there were enormous and heavy gasoline engines that generate a lot of work and disorders and in most cases and for most people get a service that is not necessary.

One model also serve to professionals working in places with no light spot, and 3 serve to enjoy nature without missing the luxuries of our home!

Plug Battery offers 3 models with which to enjoy clean energy anywhere:

Mini Battery Plug

  • Plug Mini 400 battery: up to 8 hours with backlight, 5 hours Tv’s t Pc’s laptops and up to 3 hours Pc’s complete and professional tools. Ideal for leisure and emergencies.

Professional Plug

  • Professional Plug 500: up to 6 hours with professional tools, lighting 12 hours, five hours Pc’s full, 8 hours laptops and TV’s. Ideal for professionals and freelancers.

Battery Plug + UPS:

  • Battery Plug UPS500: up to 48 hours lighting,  5 hours  Equipment, eight hours PC’s and TV’s. Ideal for any situation.


  • Lighting up to 48 hours!
  • Computers to 8 hours.
  • Equipment to 6 hours.
  • Lightweight, compact and convenient to carry.
  • Without gasoline or oil to use.
  • It does not pollute the environment or emit gases or noise.
  • For leisure, work and emergencies.
  • The duration will always depend on the power of the equipment connected. Hook anywhere!


About Project Creator:


Amaia Suarez Apraiz

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Amaia Suarez. 28 years old, born in Elche, Spain. Actually i live in Torrevieja and Battery Plug´s office is in the next city Orihuela Costa. Province of Alicante I was living and working while 6 years around 10 different cities in Spain and 2 months in London trying to learn some english.

I back to my original city 4 years ago and i founded another business, Zenia Ink, is a Tattoo Shop in a Shopping Center, feel free to visit our Facebook this one leted me create the company Battery Plug 2 years ago to start the prototype and the project to the construction for the first final product, but now is not enough, and we hope with Kickstarter and you, we will can continue!


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