Monday 25 June 2018
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Bards of Fantasia: A Poem for Britain

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A post-apocalyptic duo quest to the past, testing their emotions and concepts of justice and faith.

This film is my life’s work. 30+ years writing and researching the songs and script, several college degrees, almost a decade promoting Utah music and film for free…. I just can’t get cd’s sold as streaming has become the norm. Same with two film shorts I made–one for high school students. I also can’t get producers to read my query emails, as to do so would legally obligate them, so even form-rejection-letter days are long gone.

I have polished my script for 5 years though. And I’m hopeful that storyboarding it will interest a production company to do basic filming at a low cost, and then together we can pitch the package to major film companies.


History’s a lonely place for a cynical college girl: when your boyfriend’s a time-trekking rock idol, military buff — and demon expert!

Lab partners use time-travel, pyrotechnics, folk art skills, and mastery of myth to lessen the Dark Age ripples that climaxed in 2161 AD nuclear winter.

Indie film has soundtrack CD sample as a perk. Need funds to illustrate storyboards. Pics will be included in an e-novel, also a perk with a thank you list.

Author has a BA in English and much media-project experience

I only need a mere $800 to complete the storyboards.


The year is 2162. Mankind reels from a cataclysmic crash and now there are only small pockets of humanity left. Can history save the world?…a time-traveling duo quip cutesy jokes, but epic journeys set to performed songs prevail. The opposite of campy musicals or gory operas, here futuristic inventions battle wild supernature and music itself has the power to disarm armies, kings, and demons. This exploration of elder myths by two singing undergrad music scholars turns into an unexpected adventure as they are intercepted by gods, caged, rescued by a flying castle, dropped from the sky, dragged into Hell, thrust into Armageddon and barely survive a time-trek across the Dark Age UK.

Risks & Challenges

Patience, patience, patience, and passion for the work. These skills are rare but necessary for any high-tech endeavor. Besides the mock-up trailer, you can read my qualifications at

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About Project Creator:

Scott Wilcox's profile photoScott Wilcox

Writer, Music & Art Director

S.W. Wilcox, aka DJ Scott , was born and raised in California. He earned a BA in English in Pa. in 2004. An animated short version of Bards_of Fantasia was made in 2007, for schools. And since 2009, in Utah, he’s been scoring the full script, playing live, and DJ-ing.


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