Tuesday 14 August 2018
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Ballot Holes Movie

When Sanford Morganstain, a MIT and University of Chicago astrophysics graduate, wrote “Cassandra Chanting,” he probably hoped his book on predictions about the hijacking of the US Presidential elections by foreign powers would not go unheeded. Unfortunately, like the ancient mythological figure inspiring the title of this book, Sandy met the same fate. As the US Presidential Election results have recently been proved to be heavily influenced by Russian interference, Sandy’s dire predictions have come true. Computer scientists, activists, thought leaders and known innovators from different sides of the political gunfight have long been warning of the possibility of tampering in the US elections, since 2000.

If America has lost the plot, its time to create a movie to help the nation get back on track. Sandy has help from noted screenwriters Robert Roy Pool (whose previous credits include Armageddon and Outbreak) and Christian L. Rehr, a 30-year veteran of the film industry who is also a noted film director, executive and manager with over 50 films to his credit. Both acclaimed screenwriters have refused to take payment for their services, choosing instead to create a movie that empowers a nation to act before it is too late and heed the warning before a global war erupts.

Ballot Holes is an extraordinary movie because it captures attempted vote hacking by foreign powers in a way that puts the facts across without any subterfuge. Bringing the big picture to life is an attempt by Sandy and Team Ballot Hole to galvanize American consciousness and to be the change they want to see in the world. From inventing the automated attendant in the voice mail to becoming the moral voice of America, Sandy has set out to give the United States a chance to take a step forward and undo the past mistakes. Help Ballot Hole become a movie and make America see the light. Extend your financial support on Indiegogo’s crowdfunding campaign for this compelling movie’s screenplay today.
Link to the Project:–2#/

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