Tuesday 14 August 2018
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Ash of Gods

Welcome a new game filled with fresh adventures in AurumDust’s latest creation. Ash of Gods. Terminum is an era where the game, “Ash of Gods” begins. The AurumDust studio creation is marked by roguelike roleplaying and inspired by Japanese visual novels. It also derives inspiration from the Banner Saga series and the Darkest Dungeon. What makes this graphic game special is the unique sense of adventure and spirit of discovery that awaits the player.

As a team of do-or-die protectors, Captain Thorn Brenin and his team work to make the world safe again during the Feast of the Spring Equinox, as reapers seek blood sacrifies to awaken the Gods. Ash of Gods features a unique soundtrack with stunning effects, from leading Polish musicians who play authentic songs on the Fidel Plocka, Suka Bilgorajska, Bulgarian Gadulka, Turkish Kemence and much more.

There are a profusion of other instruments such as an Irish whistle, Polish taraben, Didgeridoo. Jews Harp, Acoustic and Electric Cello, Bouzouki, Arabic Aoud, Mandoline and acoustic guitar too. Author and creator of Ash of Gods, Sergey Malitsky brings unique characters to life in a turn based strategy and card RPG. The game uses smart AI to figure how to defeat you. PVP and PVE multiplayer modes are also available. Let the games begin!
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