Thursday 16 August 2018
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Angel Tools for Children

Anrita Melchizedek has always focused on how to use her spiritual power to heal others. Blessed with the capacity to communicate with Archangels, she has an immense spiritual presence and the power to energize and rejuvenate the soul. Anrita seeks to bring her powerful invocations to help children cope with the challenges of life through her project Angel Tools for Children. She aims to bring about a change in the ability of kids to empower themselves and cope with everything from bullying at school to the death of a loved one or a parental divorce.

The tools come with a 64 set card of affirmations created by artist Yola Quinn. The beautiful and healing tools also come with a set of breathing techniques to release negative emotions. Additionally, the young ones are taught an entire range of emotion management techniques and the ability to harness the power of Angelic invocations for a positive life outcome.

The Golden Dragons’ Flame Of Love is an added part of this project and is a book on breathing techniques for kids. Using the healing power of invocations and affirmations, Anrita seeks to bring about a change for the better and a powerful positive coping tool for kids. She is currently running a crowdfunding campaign for the same on platform Go Get Funding. Her labor of love needs your support to bear fruit. Help Anrita an the kids and extend your support today.
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