Tuesday 14 August 2018
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After the Night with Valerie Feature Film

“After the Night With Valerie” is not your average indie film production. To start with, there is a talented and accomplished team of cast and crew members. The ANV production team comprises passionate people who believe in the project. Writer and director of the movie Alex Garnett has out in US$6000 of his own money to start production. Now the film which its makers believe in, needs your support too. The Austin community is currently facing drastic cuts in Senate spending on the movies and as production companies meet their share of challenges, the House members were unable to help the shrinking Texan film industry. This amazing movie has a riveting plot, with a recovering amnesiac remembering and recalling fantasies that never happened!

With such a unique plot and a team of dedicated professionals at the helm, this film just needs US$15,000 to reach the post-production stage. Help give young talent a chance to grow and a dedicated indie filmmaker to realize his vision and reach a wide audience, by extending a helping hand on crowdfunding campaign platform Indiegogo where the production team has set up an appeal. Go ahead and make a difference that counts, if you have a passion for unique indie films and want to support a committed grassroots Austin production house reach its goals.
Have a look at the INDIEGOGO link below:

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