Wednesday 18 July 2018
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AfriScene is a project that seeks to unite the efforts of sound engineers and artistes across the West African nation of Mali and help them to find their rightful place in the competitive global art scene. Conceived by Abdallah AG Amano, a sound engineer and technician from Mali with the Muziek Publique in Brussels , and Belgian stage light manager Wencenlas along with noted Mali artist and VJ Madani, AfriScene seeks to provide a platform for the sound and visual technicians to make their mark in the contemporary art scene. For every compensation, art work will be created by noted Malian artistes and top talent and displayed. AfriScene also seeks to create a training program, where technicians and sound engineers will be selected from each African country and trained in France’s cultural capital, Belgium along with exposure to international festivals. Contribute to this cause and make a difference to the Malian art movement. Help Mali’s leading talent and artistes find their rightful place in the global art movement. Lend a hand to the cultural vibrancy and dynamic growth of Mali’s talented crew of professionals and explore art that takes a step in a new direction with creative genius that truly inspires.
Have a look at the ULULE link below for more information:

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