Sunday 24 June 2018
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Aevum – The Elements – A New Journey

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A New Aevum Era is ready to begin. Dischronia, the new outstanding album, will blast your ears with a brand new sound & a new powerful look will astonish your eyes. They are working on something special, something to fulfill their travel beyond space and time. And here they are: “The Elements”, Aevum’s new Videoclip!

The project Aevum was born in Turin (Italy) in the last months of 2007 and in 2012, after a few years to find and shape the right line-up, they produced the demo Nova Vita. In 2014 Aevum released their first full-length Impressions via Fuel Records. Many critics around the world praised this album and appreciated the band’s original sound.

In 2015, to promote the album, Aevum joined the famous German band Haggard on their European Tour, playing several shows in different countries all over Europe. During summer 2016, other than attending different Metal Summer festivals (among them, the well-known Metalhead Festival in Bucharest, opening for Rotting Christ and Eluveitie), Aevum started recording the new album entitled Dischronia.

Dischronia is on the way to become their best album, and perhaps one of your favourites… 😉

The Team

  • Matt
  • Richard
  • Emanuel la Croix
  • Hydra
  • Lucille Nightshade
  • L. of Destruction
  • Paul G. Hunter
  • Ian

The Team has started a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising $2,200. The fund raised will be used for the following expenses:

To rent Video making tools : video-cameras, lights, cables, special effects, clothes, etc…

To pay the crew : the director, the light director, the screenwriter, actors, make-up artists etc…

In the creator’s own words : In 2014 we released the Lost soul Videoclip. Take it as an example of the accuracy and care we put in our work. This time we would like to go forward. We are surely maintaining the same quality on our next videoclip. But, honestly, we want more.

We are going to need several thousands of euros to fund our project, but we ask you to help us paying only a part of the total amount. You’ll allow us to rent the best tools and improve the quality of our work.

If you believe in us, in our dreams and in our music please show us your support by contributing to this campaign!

You’ve read this far. You’re ready to support. THANK YOU! But everyone loves perks. Take a look at what they’ve got to offer!


  • A big and friendly hug
  • Dischronia NEW 2017 ALBUM
  • Aevum complete collection
  • A high-quality signed picture from the band’s last photo shoot
  • T-shirt
  • Tank top
  • You have the chance to meet the band and attend their rehearsals.
  • Private Skype lesson your name appearing in the credits of the new video
  • An incredible dinner time with the team
  • Video special appearance

Have a look at the Indiegogo link below for more information:

Also please take some time to share this campaign across your social networks and encourage your friends and family to support.

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