Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Acrista Art 2016 Catalog

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New art book (oil paintings, impressions, poems, thoughts) of artist Alexandrina Karadjova – Acrista

Alexandrina Karadjova – Acrista is a contemporary Bulgarian artist, best known for her exquisite figurative paintings, revealing her poetic vision of the world. After more than 10 years dedicated to the soft pastels, for the past few years she has been focused on mastering the oils. For the first time this campaign will help bring her oil paintings to a wider audience in a full colour art book. She has prepared some exciting perks for those who choose to contribute.

My name is Alexandrina Karadjova – Acrista, I am a full-time artist and I am blessed to do what I love. A couple of years ago, after a decade devoted to soft pastels, I set a new professional provocation in front of me: to master the oils. To celebrate the successful transition, I decided to produce a new art catalog with a selection of my recent oil paintings. Now I’d like to share it with you. Here are some of my thoughts on art that you will find in my new catalog:

“…I’m watching as a painting grows in front of my eyes and I feel I’m alive. That sense of creation, streaming under my fingers, is incomparable, just as is the beginning of life. I’m blessed beyond ordinary. Here, a new day in front of me: to give it value, to give it meaning, to feel the complete – that is the will of the heart. To paint the hours, spread under my palms like a white canvas, with all the hues of passion. To embed it with emotion from the deep my heart. To leave the trace of me. To give away to the world the treads of beauty that make me.”

“… leading in all of my paintings is the story it tells. No subject can recreate more beautifully the deep and moving emotion other than the female figure. And if one can feel the story it tells he will be connected with it and he won’t need to have “understanding of art” to live that inmost emotion.”

“… In the world and times we live in, beauty is going to become a commodity more and more valuable and sought after. Fed up with information, our senses will more often yearn for the simple, incipient, meaningful and valuable experiences of the heart.”

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Alexandrina Karadjova

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Alexandrina Karadjova – Acrista is a contemporary Bulgarian artist.

Acrista is best known for her exquisite feminine paintings, revealing her poetic vision of the world.

The figures, featuring in her work, subjects of her vivid imagination, tell so many stories and are so emotionally rich, that admirers often ask if they are real people. Her artwork is in private collections worldwide. On December 1, 2016 Alexandrina is opening a long awaited solo show called “Delicate and Passionate” in The Art Foundation Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria.
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