Wednesday 18 July 2018
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A Persian Affair

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Immigration changes ones identity!


The family of Iman, a 17-year-old Iranian boy, slowly unravels after their arrival in America. With the father’s sudden death, the absentee mother works to the edge of exhaustion to provide for them and pay their debts while Iman struggles to establish his identity in his new culture.

As Iman seeks stability through traditional values, his mother’s willingness to abandon those same values out of blind love for her son jeopardizes the very fabric of their relationship.

A Persian Affair is a cautionary tale presenting the dark side of pursuing the romantic notion of leaving everything behind to find a better life. It’s a story about doing the wrong things for the right reasons and the unintended consequences. It illuminates the mental, physical, and moral costs that can arise from such a move. It asks the question – is the dream worth the cost?

A Persian Affair” is not only the story of Iman and his mother but also the story of many more immigrant whom travel across the world searching for better life. Taraneh Golozar and Farbod Khoshtinat wrote this piece together influenced by the lives of many of their close friends who experienced a similar path.

“My mother and I always shared a complex relationship that in the end pushed me to Immigrate. Away from her in the foreign lands, I suffered from a lack of identity which I then built upon to forge the person I am today. A Persian Affair is the story of me and millions of others who walked my path and an honest experience for the ones who are about to start it.”

– Farbod Khoshtinat

“A Persian Affair is grounded on misjudgment and distrust. I have come to believe over and over again that communication is the main factor of happiness but this movie brings out a key point; what if your secrets are there to protect your loved ones? “

– Taraneh Golozar

About Project Creator:

Taraneh Golozar is an international producer born in Iran. As the daughter of a chemical engineer, she was poised to follow a similar career and studied industrial engineering. However, her strong passion towards art pushed her to the field of entertainment and media where she pursued her MFA in Producing. Her recent works includes “Art School of Horrors” in collaboration with Roger Corman as well as the award winning feature film “Radio Dreams”.

Currently she is working with RockBridge Productions on her next movie “A Persian Affair“.
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