Sunday 24 June 2018
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A Journey Through the Mind, Heart & Soul

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A WWOOFing pilgrimage throughout the world for a deeper understanding of our purpose here on Earth.

We are taking a journey into the unknown, not only throughout the world, but within ourselves as well. A pilgrimage, if you will.

We are seeking a deeper understanding of our purpose on this planet.

We are leaving everything that can’t fit in our backpacks behind; just our bare essentials with our expectations at a bare minimum.

Ethan and I are on a mission!

We were born to see the world, heal the world, and explore the meaning of life, the pursuit of happiness, and what it truly means to be a human being — mind, body and spirit.

We are going on a voluntourism pilgrimage – where volunteering meets tourism; where contribution meets education; and where an external journey becomes an internal journey through the mind, heart and soul.

We will be WWOOFing around the world, and through this organization, we will volunteer on organic farms all around the world where we will work hard in creating a more sustainable community and where we will learn all there is to know about organic farming, permaculture, natural building and farming techniques, and everything in between!

In exchange for working on their farms, we will be living in their homes, eating their food, and experiencing their diverse culture.

This is going to be the ultimate human adventure.

And we want you all to experience it with us!

We are going to bring our GoPro Hero4 with us and document EVERYTHING!

We will keep everyone updated and will make a documentary at the end of our journey.

We want to inspire everyone to take a similar leap of faith; that there is more to life than meets the eye. And we want to inspire people to follow their dreams and their passion – no matter what it is!

We want you all to take this journey with us as we explore the world and make a difference doing it.

Check out our crowdfunding page for more information.

If you can donate anything to help our efforts, as we need to get from country to country, we appreciate anything you can offer!

If you cannot afford a donation, that’s okay! Share our page, spread the word, tell your friends and family!
Any type of contribution will help us

Thank you for your time, and we hope to be sharing this journey with you all!

About Project Creator:

Kayla and Ethan

Ethan and I are 24 years young with old souls full of love, optimism, hope, and ambition!

We are both extremely passionate about making the world a better place, even if it takes our whole lives to do so. We have big hearts, and even bigger dreams.

We are both artists, who enjoy our freedom of expression throughout the whole realm of creation and art.

Kayla is a self taught artist who enjoys challenges, new experiences, and diversity. She dreams of being a traveling artist where she can…


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