Sunday 22 July 2018
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9 yr old entrepreneur…bringing fancy back!

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I design custom bow ties. I promote individuality and want to sell my bow ties world wide!

9 year front-min

My goal is to have my designs across the US and world wide. I am currently in stores in MI and I am trying to expand to Chicago next. I will use this money to expand my presence and hire more local sewers. I want to keep my production in the US and more specifically Alpena, MI. Even my labels are made in the US…I wear a bow tie practically everyday and my goal is to have everyone wearing my bow ties. I have been in business for 10 months now and I work very hard at my brand and designs!

Maverick the Maverick…9 yr old Fashion Designer

I started my business 10 months ago and I am in several stores in MI (2 in my home town). Not many people wear bow ties in my community and I am trying to change that by bringing fancy back. I believe there is a bow tie for every occasion. I even wear one when I snowboard!

I am raising this money to help my business expand. My goal is to be world wide with my bow ties. This money will help me expand my business into the Chicago market. I will be using the funds raised for production cost, hiring more sewers and to increase my brand awareness. I want to have my factory one day in Alpena, MI. Many people have asked me why not go on Shark Tank…simple – I want to keep my business local and in the United States!

The money I receive will change the course of my business and put me one step closer to reaching my ultimate goal of having my bow ties world wide. I recently went to Chicago I was invited to a Chicago Gentleman’s Brunch and I donated 20 ties to an organization that provides suits to inner city youth graduating from high school and men returning to the workforce. It was great that my business is helping people look and feel great. I am going to continue to work with that organization. The money I raise will help me to continue to work on projects like this!

Love Your Difference

This is part of my brand…I feel that everyone should feel good about how they look and be able to express themselves through fashion. My project will impact the world by being able to expand to new markets and continue to give back to my community by helping inner city youth and men returning to the workforce with a new bow tie. I know I feel very proud and good when I wear my product.
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9 year aut-min

Maverick Mecheau

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My name is Maverick Mecheau and I am 9 years old. I love showing off my style which includes wearing bow ties. It was hard to find bow ties that fit my style, so I decided to do something about it. I went to the fabric store and picked out lots of patterns that were unique and different…

Not your basic black, blue or plaid. I also did not like the clip on bow ties and all of the bow ties that had the hooks were too big. My grandma Sandy is great at sewing so I asked her to make a cool tie that fit me.

That is how Maverick Bow Ties was created. I believe you will enjoy my ties and the style that I have created. I personally pick the patterns and name my ties. If you don’t see something you like then we will do our best to make a bow tie for you.
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