Tuesday 17 July 2018
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24K Gold Royal Playing Cards Limited Edition

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Highest Quality, Real 24K Gold Royal Cards, with handcrafted multifunctional leather box

Have first in the world, High-Quality 24K Gold Royal Cards!

Made with Real 24 Karat Gold foil. Made to last for years, with high-quality box, and Gold pen Laser engraved.

Multifunctional handmade leather box (made only with full package)

The box can be used to place on the table, like high-class decoration, like at business table, so you can put business cards in it, and on the box cover is a pocket for paper notes, or like home table decoration with cards or paper notes instead.

We make it possible

Custom Design:

Make your Own deck and collection with your Family name or Business logo on cards, and have Custome made Only for You Royal Card Design. See rewards for more info.

We started this project to make something unique, that isn’t existing at this time. We were developing this cards for more than 2 years, with many different materials. We tried to find solutions in various places that are known for high-quality products, like US, UK, Germany and finally find it in Swiss. and also collect the very best of countries. We traveled from Asia and UK to Swiss for solutions. it was very difficult to make real 24K Gold and implement in some design like cards and to stay quality for a long time. To be strong sufficiently that there are no cracks, and no deformation for a long time. But we finally succeeded. IT was NOT easy, it was NOT quick path. We traveled the world for finding solutions for our projects and we DID it! The technology we use is never used before, we have help from best Swiss technologist.

In Full Royal package come:

– 1 x Handcrafted Leather box for two deck of cards
– 2 Deck of 24K Gold Cards
– 1 Gold Pen Laser engraved


About Project Creator:

Alen Ljubisic

Innovator, Creator, Design, Elegant Luxury Products, Patents…
Making the world better place. We have done luxury perfume series, like Gracia Ferrer, and was a part of companies for high design products.

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