Tuesday 17 July 2018
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2 Gether International – AU Chapter

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2Gether-International is a movement that empowers and unifies young disabled people to become actors of change. 


To teach students that disability is a part of human diversity and our communities ought to reflect that!

We produce campaigns that enable any disabled person to a take stand on any issue they care about.

2Gether is a non-profit and club at AU that strives to bring pride into the community of people with disabilities.

Diego Mariscal, a former AU student, started 2gether International in Monterrey, Mexico. The organization has now grown as a non-profit in the US and strives to become a club at AU.

The organization believes that people with disabilities are limited by social constraints, not by the disability itself. We wish to demonstrate this to other students through the use of workshops, activities, and guest speakers throughout the semester.


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