Wednesday 18 July 2018
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10,000 plays in 5 Days & 100 MINUTE ALBUM to COME

The Lincoln Experience focuses on Binaural Beats and the impacts of sound waves and recurrence inside Electronic Dance Music and they trust that they have hit on a recipe for achievement.

EDM or Electronic Dance Music is the biggest offering and quickest developing music on the Planet. With many EDM Music celebrations over the globe, developing year on year and impacts like Calvin Harris, Swedish House Mafia and Disclosure with Sam Smith, they have transformed this genre into turn into a billion dollar industry.

The company has amassed an individual advanced library of about 600 thoughts, blue prints or what you may call layouts, as tasks for future melody. The owner feels that as conferred as he is to acing this specialty that can never and ought to never be the situation. It takes about 50 hours from nothing to something. To compose, re-compose, create the tune, digitalize the organization and deliver every segment, then blend and ace it. The owner of the company do everything solo, Produce, Perform, Mix, Master and Edit.

Funds collected through this crowd funding campaign will be used to launch the album and to create brand recognition. Funds will also be used in post-production. Benefactors will have admittance to the initial 100 moment collection

He will probably offer all future music (approximately 600 at the last number) accessible at a cost. Benefactors will have admittance to the initial 100 moment collection. This specific Genre is a Mix of Soul, Funk, Progressive House with a Minimal Tech Feel consolidated with vocals. Ideally if the objective is achieved, you can expect another track each month.
Have a look at the Kickstarter link below for more information:

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