Tuesday 24 January 2017
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Funding for 2nd Edition of Keys to the Capitals




Film & Video

Resilience – An immersive experimental movie about the feeling of “home” and the fear of change

Resilience is a metaphorical short film that takes place in the mind of a young woman, Renée, as she’s recalling her recent past...


A sign language short film about three young deaf women who work in a cocoa farm in a remote beach. A sign language short film about three...

She is King – A beautiful South African Musical film

She is King, a beautiful film that celebrates African culture, history and music in a contemporary, fun film. It’s a timeless story...

‘Up or Out’

A female driven feature film showcasing inclusivity and acceptance in a traditional RomCom storyline Shani Hadjian and Elise Murphy are two...

   SvenskFabriken Adaptable Drone 1.0

Small Business

Africa Aquaponics Model

Africa’s home grown high Tech smart agribusiness food secure solution based on indigenous knowledge. crowdfundingreviewsSmall...

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