Saturday 27 August 2016
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sci-fi 1

Sci-Fi: Everything & Nothing Earth Wanted

Sci-fi book on aliens, intergalactic travel, and humans voluntarily & involuntarily taken away. This campaign is for the first book of...


Film & Video

magic 1

The Magic Snowman Redux *IF YOU BELIEVE!*

“If you believe, you can hear him speak.” The original Magic Snowman was made in 1989 and was seen by twenty million children...

letter 1


Fictional Short film about an Indian soldier censoring letters during WW2 in Italy. “Loose lips sink ships” was a term coined...

Bring Back Phantom Harbor Webseries

Phantom Harbor centers on the exploits of haunted sea-Captain, Jonas McAllister and his fantastical crew including a hulking Goblin, the...

isle 1-min


Supernatural horror set on a Scottish island in 1846 with Amy Manson, Conleth Hill & Alex Hassell. Synopsis On a remote island off the...

   Onion Omega2

Small Business

kapi 2 aut

2 projects, improve life quality,bring welfare&joy

#1: Travel Table #2. Meeting Table & Dining Table They improve life quality, let life is full of joy Chinese inventor Qiao Xiao Hong...


Mzuzu Aid

Business Grant Project Following the success of the first BGP, we are now extending it to target HIV positive women living below the...

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