Tuesday 25 October 2016
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Film & Video


FREYJA, A short film that tells a story of acceptance and women empowerment

A story about a dying woman’s journey of acceptance as she travels through her life as Cabaret dancer. Freyja, a story that is...


The Hope In Strength

This story shows how perception can change a person’s life, be it for the good or the bad. The Story A man meets the love of his life...

Really Pathetic & Totally Awkward, A comedy Film

The dysfunctional relationship between two brothers comes to a boiling point when they both fall in love with the same woman. This film is...


PROMISE WITHOUT WORDS – A unique film to deliver an amazing message to the world

Narrative feature film about the journey of a young man healing from a childhood of sexual abuse. How many young men really heal and find...


Small Business


LIT-LOTTO – The Magic Board game for your Christmas eve

LIT-LOTTO teaches language and wisdom in the fun and creative way. A tabletop game that helps to learn the alphabet and the wisdom of...

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