Thursday 29 September 2016
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Mongolian Culture Day and Shamanic Event




Film & Video


Way To Roll Movie

The utmost entertaining movie; with a story that will make this wonderful world a better place. Abraham Frederick Strauss is a...

Version 2

Family Deception – A young Women’s test of loyalty

A student short film about a young women’s test of loyalty to her family crime business. The story of Family Deception follows an...


Why Should I Date You?

Taking you into the infamous world of online dating. No matter who you are, most women at some point in their life have dealt with...


Hidden, an Indie Film by Eddie Frente

A way for us to share the film with you. Hey There! I’m Eddie “Pull” Frente from the bands kHz and 3388. After spending many years in...

   “KAΛΩSINI” an art project for kind people

Small Business


Upper Rhine Valley Tours

The best guided tours in the Upper Rhine Valley of Germany for US citizens. Over the last two years I have established myself as highly...


Mzuzu Aid

HIV Education and Awareness Raising awareness and increasing knowledge of HIV/AIDS and related sexual reproductive health issues such as...

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