Wednesday 13 December 2017
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Film & Video

Ballot Holes Movie

When Sanford Morganstain, a MIT and University of Chicago astrophysics graduate, wrote “Cassandra Chanting,” he probably hoped his book...

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Dario Russo Image Inc based in Nanning, China is a unique production house. Having created stellar Indie Chinese movies, this production...

The Myth of Gaia – Our Story in 50,000 Years

What would humans 50,000 years from now be like? Would they have advanced to the point where they have forgotten their roots? Bringing this...

The Tattoo Club: Curse of the Dragon

When Kendrick Simmons made the transition from a Las Vegas slum where he was born in 1979, to the shores of Hawaii, he worked hard to carve...

   PREORDER! Ocean-Themed Children's Book w/a "Catchy" Song

Small Business

Ride-a-Horse-Ride-a-Ebike – ‘part One’

Startup project for people who love nature and have an adventurous soul. This campaign aims to provide an opportunity, for nature lovers...

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