Sunday 26 March 2017
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Film & Video

All Things Considered

“All Things Considered” is a rare film because it captures a love triangle and one man’s decision on his journey to find love...

Short movie-BIA

A friendship that can cost you, a love that is blind to reality and loneliness that overcomes even the most spirited attempts to fight...

Short Film Show

The novel concept of The Short Film Show is all about showcasing passionate and entertaining short films to the world of television...

Ortis Must Go!

Ortis Must Go! a project by British Ghanaian filmmaker Pamela Sakyi, is a compelling journey of one man to explore his roots through the...

   The Short Film Show

Small Business

Ride-a-Horse-Ride-a-Ebike – ‘part One’

Startup project for people who love nature and have an adventurous soul. This campaign aims to provide an opportunity, for nature lovers...

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