Friday 23 June 2017
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Film & Video

I’m Here Too – Film on Teen Suicide Prevention

You’re Not Alone… It’s Not Just You, I’m Here Too – this is the focus of Brendan Byrne’s film on teen suicide...

In Place of Grace

The thought-provoking, real-life based emotional drama film In Place of Grace, produced and directed by Jordan Buck and powerful storyline...

Humpback Whales: Back From the Brink

In October this year a film crew from Table Mountain Films will voyage out from the coast of South Africa to witness and film an epic...

Green Ocean Challenge

Green Ocean Challenge is a project by 5 kids and their supportive parents (who are also doubling as deckhands). It is a ride on an electric...

   I'm Here Too - Film on Teen Suicide Prevention

Small Business

Ride-a-Horse-Ride-a-Ebike – ‘part One’

Startup project for people who love nature and have an adventurous soul. This campaign aims to provide an opportunity, for nature lovers...

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