Friday 22 September 2017
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Cutting Edge Magic Show




Film & Video

Directing Major Music Video for Blaine Belladonna

Blaine Belladonna is a hip-hop musician with immeasurable talent. LA based music video director Montez Brown seeks to give her talent the...

The Wrong Rock

From director Michael Cawood and his award winning team of animators and composers comes “The Wrong Rock” a gripping tale about...

I’m Here Too – Film on Teen Suicide Prevention

You’re Not Alone… It’s Not Just You, I’m Here Too – this is the focus of Brendan Byrne’s film on teen suicide...

In Place of Grace

The thought-provoking, real-life based emotional drama film In Place of Grace, produced and directed by Jordan Buck and powerful storyline...

   PopYum – A Better Everyday Baby Bottle

Small Business

Ride-a-Horse-Ride-a-Ebike – ‘part One’

Startup project for people who love nature and have an adventurous soul. This campaign aims to provide an opportunity, for nature lovers...

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